Are Your Signs Being Ignored?

Towing or other drastic measures may be the answer... BUT, often as a last resort and many times causing more headaches than solutions.

Our Parking Violation Sticker, Form #PVS-101, may be the solution!

These stickers will get everyone's attention and provide you with valuable information and a written record of the warning issued through our one-of-a-kind peel-off back. These stickers are great for these areas you want to protect:

  • No Parking
  • Reserved Parking
  • Handicap Zones
  • Fire Lanes
  • Emergency Parking
  • Customer Parking
  • Visitor Parking
  • Delivery Zones
  • Permit/Contract Parking
  • Abandoned Vehicles

Perfect for colleges, hospitals, churches, apartment complexes, businesses, shopping centers, cities - anywhere that No Parking is allowed!

Consider these features and benefits:

  • COLOR - The DAYGLO ORANGE can't be overlooked by the offenders or passersby. To prove this point, stick the sample on your car window in a problem parking area. In most cases, you'll see an immediate reduction in offenses.

  • MESSAGE - Simple and to the point! You're angry at their inconsideration. They've been warned, and next time, they will be towed!

  • ADHESIVE - On a clean glass surface like the driver's door window, it stays put. A nuisance to remove and a lasting reminder to the violator!

  • RECORD - The unique carrier paper (see back above) gives you a place to record the necessary details of the incident for easy storage and future reference.

  • INEXPENSIVE - For about 30 or less per sticker, you can reduce your parking problems significantly.

  • EFFECTIVE - Repeat orders from our customers around the country are proof positive that THEY WORK!

To order your supply of the Parking Violation Stickers, use our convenient order form or your company's purchase order. All orders shipped within 24 hours of receipt.

Our PVS-101 is our standard stock sticker. We also offer custom stickers with your own message.

For complete details on pricing, format, ordering, etc., call us at 1-800-342-4944 or email us.

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